About Xenia Pattberg:

RWF_6489Raised in Moscow and Berlin, I received my degree as translator in 2002 and set out to gather experience in project management and journalism before I went on to study Eastern European Studies, North American Studies and Comparitive Literature at the Freie Universität Berlin. Work and study trips brought me to Moscow, Washington, and finally to Amsterdam, which I made my home.

In 2012 I started Eastwords Translations, offering professional language services, which range from translation, transcreation, and (copy)writing to language coaching .

In unison with the increasingly fluid borders of the 21st century, I am taking a holistic approach to each new assignment, bringing creativity to every technical job, and a technical mind to every artistic project.

Alongside a great variety of language-related jobs in the field of business, technology (engineering, environmental technology, energy) and PR, I had the pleasure to explore the artistic world as programme and production assistant at FU Berlin Summer University, Theatres Massbach/Fürth and the Holland Festival.

Since 2016 I am editorial team member of the Hiraeth Magazine, exploring the themes of migration in arts, research, and education.

In addition to my native and working languages German, Russian and English, I have acquired advanced knowledge of French, Spanish and Dutch, which allow me to spread my wings when researching for a client.

To ensure the quality of my work, I draw on a wide network of colleagues, specialists, proofreaders and freelancers.


One must learn a lot to be able to ask about things one doesn’t know. — Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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